Dr. B.C. Roy

Director and Founder

Founded over three decades ago, Northern Bay Medical College and Hospital is a medical school. Dr. B.C. Roy is the founder and director of our medical university. He has worked hard over the years to ensure that his vision becomes the success that it is today.

The Medical School

Our medical school boasts a rich history like most top medical schools in the country. Our medical school community members have extended knowledge boundaries for over 30 years.

Various entries have been made in faculty members’ accomplishments at our school’s research institutions and affiliated hospitals.

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A Vision For The Future

The vision of NBMCH is to be a leader in healthcare transformation through innovation, quality, and education, to make our state the healthiest in the nation.


Our Core Values







Innovation in Research, Education, and Health Care.

Our mission is to improve the state of health in our local state and beyond through excellence and innovation in research, education and health care.


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A Brief History of NBMCH

A  Brief  History of  NBMCH The first batch of students for the premedical course was admitted as per the merit list of Higher Secondary examination. Class for 1st batch consisting of 46 boys and 6 girls was started on 6.11.67 on makeshift arrangement at Jackson...


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