Our Mission

We aim at offering excellent learning and teaching, scholarship, and discovery, including leadership and service. We do all these to nurture a diverse and inclusive medical community that’s committed to alleviating suffering and enhancing health and the general well-being of everyone worldwide.

Our mission is to improve the state of health in our local state and beyond through excellence and innovation in research, education, and health care.

Our Vision

The vision of NBMCH is to be a leader in healthcare transformation through innovation, quality, and education, to make our state the healthiest in the nation.

Our Values

At  NBMCH, Our core values drive our endeavors and success. They include

Integrity to embrace the highest ethical behavior standards and moral character.

Excellence in research, education, and patient or health care

Diversity to appreciate all humankind, individuals.

Respect for everyone affiliated with the school, including residents, staff, partners, faculty, students, communities, fellows, families, and patients

Cooperation for collaboration and collegial communication.


4632 Hamill Avenue
San Diego, CA 92111

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